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​Phase 1: Roof Survey/Assessment

PRC, llc will perform a visual inspection of the roof(s); obtaining an accurate measurement of the roof(s), Evaluate the current condition the roof(s), provide recommendations for repair or re-roofing, establish a prioritization of actions to be taken on the roof(s), prepare a written plan of action to repair/re-roofing.

PRC, llc will write a compressive roof evaluation report including; all the information as described above, a description of the existing roof(s), the roof(s) life expectancy, recommendations, photographic documentation, individual roof evaluations are needed, the results of any field testing.

Phase 2: Specification and Bidding

PRC will; investigate further to determine the proper specifications and details for roof repair or re-roofing, prepare a written job manual/specification including drawings, and other documents as needed, invite qualified contractors to bid on the project, conduct a pre-bid meeting if needed, receive and review bids with the client, make recommendations regarding contractor selection.

Phase 3: Contract Administration and Quality Control Monitoring

To assist the client and help protect their investment we will; work directly with the contractor selected to do the work in assuring the client that the work is in compliance with the job specifications, verify that the correct materials are being used and handled properly, that all manufacture warranties condition are being met, inspect the work in progress and reporting minor or major problems to the contractor for immediate correction, reporting our observations to the client each day we are on site.

Phase 4: Roof Asset Management and Maintenance

To continue helping our clients protect their assets, we will prepare a five-year roof maintenance plan. To assure the roof is properly maintained as per the manufacturer’s warranty requirements. To help prevent leaks, coordinate emergency repairs if needed. Perform annual visual inspections and report our observations to our client each day we are on site.

Due Diligence Inspections

We will inspect the roof of any building before you decide to buy it, provide you with a written condition report informing you of the current condition of the roof and what to expect should you decide to purchase the building

Compliance Inspection

If you have recently had a roof installed and aren't sure if the work was completed correctly. We will review your contract with the installor for compliance with minimum industry standards, preform a visual inspection and testing as needed. The prepare are report detailing our observations, finding and opinions and photographic documention.