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On May 21st some 20 plus roofing professionals attended a full day class in Phoenix Arizona, sponsored by the Arizona Branch of IBEC,  the Arizona Roofer and Sherwin Williams for the Ibec (formally known as RCI) Rooftop Quality Assurance class.

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The following standards are expressed in terms of permissible tolerances. The format is designed for easy comprehension as follows:

PD: Possible deficiency - A brief statement of the problem to be considered.

AT: Acceptable tolerance - A statement in measurable terms above which repair may be required and below which the condition is considered to be acceptable. “None” means that the possible deficiency identified is completely unacceptable and no tolerance is allowed.

CR: Contractor responsibility - A statement of the corrective action needed to correct the deficiency or damage.

ROOFS: Roofs should not leak and should be installed to withstand winds accompanied by heavy rains. The contractor should not be responsible for leaks caused by alterations, tie-ins or penetrations caused by owner or others after completion of the roof, nor for extreme weather conditions.

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