Herny Staggs, RRO

April 30, 2020


The Top 10 countdown "Common commercial roof problems." 



10 - Normal wear and tear, blistering, ridging, some splitting, and granular loss. 

09 - Roof material pulling away from walls, curbs, and seems coming loose.

08 - Repairs using the wrong materials and poor workmanship

07 -  Safety concerns, such as trip hazards and falls.

06 -  Damage to the roofing by other trades.

05 - Standing water slow deteriorating the roof.

04 - Not taking care of the roof, keeping it clean and healthy.

03 - Material blowing off.

02 - Roof leaks due to age, damage, or...


The number one problem with any roof is 

#1 - Poor workmanship in the first place.

A roof system is only as good as the crew who installed, and the supervisor who oversaw the project.  

We make sure the roof is installed right in the first place.

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