At the risk of being too personal with my information, I want to share this with you about myself. It is very relevant to our current state of affairs is why I am taking the COVID-19 scare very seriously.

Several years back, I got diagnosed with a deadly virus, it was eating my liver up, and I had already reached level two sorosis by the time they found it. The doctor told me I had five or ten years left maybe, and that scared me to death. The cure was chemotherapy for seven months, which is what I did.  It cost me my house, my business, my health and well being, and most of my energy. My family was the only thing that kept me going, and thank goodness for them. Without them, I'd probably be dead right now.

YES! I was cleared; there is no viral load in my blood. I am so clean one doctor accused me of making it up until he read my records. How? I took the medication just as prescribed, stopped eating any animal products, and kept looking at the finish line. 

That experience is why I am taking this COVID very seriously, and it is not something we should be playing with. I wash my hands, wear gloves, wipe down everything, and try very hard not to touch my face. I stay home as much as possible, and when I do go out to do a job for a client, I don't meet them in person. I go out, do my job, and get back home. 

I hope you are all practicing the CDC's suggestions and helping to slow this down, its already taken too many lives, and anyone who does recover will never be the same. I know from personal experience that your body can only take so much, and after that, you have a lifetime of after-effects.

If you are interested in hiring me, please do contact me. I can get a proposal to you using google maps, and if you do hire me and I go out. Don't meet me on-site; you will get your report by email. 

Be safe and call me if you need anything (480) 265-1613