Henry Staggs, RRO

April 29th, 2020

A Consultant is not a Contractor

A lot of calls that I get are from people who think they need my services. But aren't sure, because they don't understand what a roof consultant does. Contractors running around out there, calling themselves consultants aren't helping. And neither are all the FREE inspections offers, by roofing contractors. Which are  "> "> "> just ways to market their company and get proposals out the door. 

What is a consultant?

con·sult·ant /kənˈsəltnt/

noun person who provides expert advice professionally.

I received an RFP (request for proposal) yesterday. The way it read. It was asking for consulting type services. But the way it read would be more appropriate for a contractor. For example "Contractor must control all their employees while on-site". And "Trucks must have a permanent logo". 

What's the difference?

A Consultant is a "Person who provides advice professionally".  Roof consultants will provide you with advice on the condition of your roof. And make recommendations for repairs and replacement. I don't do any of the work or hire anyone to do any of the work. 

Let's take a look at the definition of Contractor

con·trac·tor /ˈkänˌtraktər,kənˈtraktər/

noun: contractor a person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job.

A consultant is a person who offers advice. The job of the contractor is to provide labor, equipment, and materials. The consultant will continue helping the owner during the work. As an expert and observer, making sure the work is compliant.

Not a project manager

While the Consultant or observer is on-site, they are in an advisory role. The Consultant has no authority or control over the work.  The Contractor controls the means and methods by which they do the work. A Consultant acts in the best interest of the owner. 

The Consultant's role is to give expert advice to the Owner. For example, the Contractor has deviated from the scope of work. The Consultant may advise the owner to reject the work. The Owner can choose to accept the Consultant's advice or not. Most of the time the owners will accept the Consultants advice. That is why they hired them in the first place.

Why hire a consultant?

Roofing has a hefty price tag. Many of our projects, into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's tough picking through all the various contractor's proposals. Trying to figure out what they are offering to do. Without a Consultant, proposals will vary in price and scope of work widely vary.  You may end up choosing based on price alone. A huge mistake that most owners regret soon into the project.  

My job is to make sure don't throw good money after bad. By fixing work that wasn't done right. 

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