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About Us


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Preferred Roof Consultants of Arizona, LLC

Founded in 2014 by Henry Staggs, and long time member of the roofing industry, with the sole purpose and mission to improve the roofing industry in Arizona. Our commitment to our clients, to the industry and to Arizona is second to none. We prove our intentions every day by staying engaged and active in the industry, by constantly improving our own opperational system and by actively bringing more education and training to the entire industry.

We are members of IIBEC formally known as RCI and in 2018 Henry Staggs, was elected the Arizona Liasion and has been working trielessly since that time to serve in that role to the fullest of his ablities.

We take roofing very serious, and you should too.


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What We Do

We are your eyes and ears on the roof, making sure you get the roof you need and are paying for.

Company Philosophy

Our responsibility to the client; We owe our client's fiduciary responsibility. We will never compromise our client's best interest above our own.

Our responsibility to our team members; We show respect to our team by treating them as professionals and providing them with the training necessary to be the best that they can be. And by challenging and pushing them to be better, then they knew they could be.

Our responsibility to the industry; We will do all that we can do to help the industry become stronger by being leaders and staying active in the industry associations and by setting the example.

Our responsibility to the public; We conduct our business in a way that promotes safety and well being to the general public, demonstrating ethical and good business practices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue growing and improving our own knowledge base and work systems. For the purpose of bringing the best and most reliable information to our clients that we can. Empowering our clients to make the very best decisions when it comes to their roofing needs.

"To make the roofing industry better." 

Company Slogan

"Don't Roof Without Us."

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