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Preferred Roof Consultants of Arizona, LLC
We take roofing very serious, and you should too.


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With our quality service and years of experience, we have you covered for any project big or small.


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  • Henry is passionate about improving the roofing industry and takes an active role in developing the Roofing industry and its leaders

    Dewayne Steele Rust-Oleum
  • Henry does great work and is very knowledgeable about his trade and products.

    Gordon Byrn Midway Chevrolet Commercial Fleet Headquarters
  • Henry can help steer you through the treacherous waters of commercial roof work

    Dave Homerding Weathersure Systems
  • Henry I appreciate you and your energy and moving forward for the future, I respect that and support it keep going brother! I appreciate you and your willingness to adapt to a new community of people and challenging everyone for the youth, it is about a generation and everyone around us, great job keep going brother you’re doing good!

    Jason Kill
  • Henry Staggs of Preferred Roof Consultants has been a life saver for our community. He inspected our roofs and gave us guidance to procuring a roofing company to install new roofs as well as monitoring the job.
    Henry is honest and fair with an impeccable work ethic. We can’t thank him enough for all he has done during our roofing project.

    Laura Norton
  • Henry is the absolute authority in all things related to roofing. After dealing with him on a couple projects, I'm absolutely convinced that he knows it all - and he's willing to share it.

    I wouldn't even think of making a roofing decision without his input!

    Don Boyd
  • Henry Staggs of Preferred Roof Consultants is deserving of my very rare and coveted six star rating. He is a professional who is very knowledgeable about industry roofing standards and stays up to date on best practices. If you have a project of any significance and value the protection your roof provides from rain and the elements I would highly recommend hiring him as a consultant on your roofing project from the beginning. He will work for your best interests to determine what needs to be done, and will work with the roofing contractor to make sure it gets done right and that you get the best roof you possibly can.

    Michael Smith
  • Henry Staggs at PRC of Arizona was able to help me provide a client of mine a great report in a timely and professional manner. I work out of Colorado and I feel as if I was able to inspect the roof systems myself, with all the detail and photographs included in his report. My client and I are more than happy with the reports that were generated by PRC of Arizona. I recommend using his services as he will be there to assist in anyway possible! Keep up the great honest reporting Team PRC of Arizona!

    Justice Candelaria
  • I worked with Henry on a couple occasions and he fully deserves this 5-star review. First, he helped our HOA association review the roofing issues with multiple units. He was detailed in his explanations and had very thorough follow-through. It was obvious he is an expert in his field. In addition, he comes across as very professional and is quick to respond.

    More recently, I used his services on a personal level. My wife and I were looking to purchase a home. We were told by the seller the roof was new, but Henry's inspection found otherwise. He provided me a very detailed report with estimated costs and noted all of the issues. During this time, he was quick to respond to my calls, punctual with meeting times, and took care to explain things to me to ensure I understood the evaluation.
    In the end, his expertise and thoroughness helped save my wife and I from going forward with a misrepresented property. We owe Henry a great deal of thanks - keep of the fantastic work.

    Kevin Hostert
  • We called Preferred Roof Consultants (PRC) after two separate roof leaks (in the same area), in a newly installed roof were found.  Despite the reputability of the large home improvement company we contracted with, and their assertion that their roofing subcontractor was experienced, we asked  PRC to inspect the roof - by then there was too much doubt in our minds about the quality of work.  Mr. Henry Staggs provided us with a thorough written assessment, including pictures, and discussed the issues with us.  This written assessment was sent to the home improvement company as well.  Subsequently, the roofer and Mr. Staggs walked the roof and reviewed the items in question.  The shingles are not guaranteed if installed incorrectly, so the specifications from Owens Corning  were provided as proof.   The home improvement company guaranties their work for two years; if the work is not corrected according to specifications as set forth by Owens Corning,  PRC said that problems will invariably ensue after the two year warranty expires.  

    Our text messages and phone calls are always promptly returned by PRC.  Seeking the advice of a professional, knowledgeable roof inspector was the most effective way of proving to the home improvement company that their work was unacceptable and substandard.   Had we known that events would have transpired in this manner, we would have consulted PRC prior to the roof installation, instead of after.  Mr. Staggs continues to advocate for us, and responds to messages from the home improvement company.   He will inspect the roof after the completion of the job to ensure that the roofer was thorough.  It is obvious that a lot of time and energy is expended on these inspections.  We highly recommend PRC for any roofing concerns.  Mr. Staggs possesses experience, knowledge, and integrity; he does not compromise on quality.

  • Henry Staggs continues to advocate for us as we pursue our claim against Lowe's.   Henry initially inspected our roof in October; yesterday he met with an inspector from the Registrar of Contractors (ROC) to review the complaints that we filed against Lowe's.   He reviewed each written defect with the state inspector and discussed how these defects  compromise the integrity of the roof.  I strongly encourage anyone who is installing a new roof - or already had one installed - to have it inspected.   We would never have known about this substandard workmanship if we had not contacted Henry.   Like many, we assumed that Lowe's (a Fortune 500 company)  would inspect their work, take pride in quality workmanship, and have the integrity enough to acknowledge inferior, defective workmanship.

    Carol R.
  • Henry Staggs has been knowledgeable and professional in the work he has completed for MAC6. He is prompt in answering calls and emails and goes the extra mile. He has been an asset in all things roofing. Would highly recommend him.

    Chrissy B.


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Our commitment to our clients, to the industry and to Arizona is second to none. We prove our intentions every day by staying engaged and active in the industry, by constantly improving our own opperational system and by actively bringing more education and training to the entire industry.
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