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The BEST Roof Consulting Company in Arizona

Preferred Roof Consultants of Arizona, llc is an experienced full-service roof consulting firm in Phoenix. Our role is to use our experience and knowledge to help clients find great contractors, manage roofing projects, and get the very best roof possible for their investment.

Our clients include HOA boards, community managers, facility managers, commercial property owners, and private homeowners.

We are independent roof consultants who are not affiliated with any contractor, suppliers, or manufacturers. We provide unbiased roofing consultations, inspections & condition assessments, roof asset & maintenance management, and other services throughout Arizona.

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Why Choose Us?

Preferred Roofing Consultants of Arizona is uniquely positioned to provide objective advice and service because we are industry experts with no affiliation to any one contractor or product. Our Phoenix consultants are dedicated to best outcomes, focusing on performance, value, and recommended practices for reducing life-cycle costs.

Building owners and property managers interested in proactive asset management, budgeting, project management, or quality assurance will benefit from our roofing industry expertise. Whether you need a current roof inspection and assessment, a storm damage evaluation, code compliance assurance, or specifications for complete replacement, PRC will provide the critical information for prudent resource allocation and planning.

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

Henry Staggs continues to advocate for us as we pursue our claim against Lowe's. Henry initially inspected our roof in October; yesterday he met with an inspector from the Registrar of Contractors (ROC) to review the complaints that we filed against Lowe's. He reviewed each written defect with the state inspector and discussed how these defects compromise the integrity of the roof. I strongly encourage anyone who is installing a new roof - or already had one installed - to have it inspected. We would never have known about this substandard workmanship if we had not contacted Henry. Like many, we assumed that Lowe's (a Fortune 500 company) would inspect their work, take pride in quality workmanship, and have the integrity enough to acknowledge inferior, defective workmanship.
- Carol R.
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We called Preferred Roof Consultants (PRC) after two separate roof leaks (in the same area), in a newly installed roof were found. Despite the reputability of the large home improvement company we contracted with, and their assertion that their roofing subcontractor was experienced, we asked PRC to inspect the roof - by then there was too much doubt in our minds about the quality of work. Mr. Henry Staggs provided us with a thorough written assessment, including pictures, and discussed the issues with us. This written assessment was sent to the home improvement company as well. Subsequently, the roofer and Mr. Staggs walked the roof and reviewed the items in question. The shingles are not guaranteed if installed incorrectly, so the specifications from Owens Corning were provided as proof. The home improvement company guaranties their work for two years; if the work is not corrected according to specifications as set forth by Owens Corning, PRC said that problems will invariably ensue after the two year warranty expires.

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If you are looking for a roof consultant in the Phoenix area, please call us at 480-265-1613 or complete our consultation form.

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